Elite Home Inspections

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There are 2 components in the inspection process:

     A home inspection consists of the physical walk through the house and grounds, followed by a written report detailing the results of the inspection. The visual inspection, which lasts approximately 2 hours, will involve a thorough walk-through of the entire home, During this time, the home inspector will visually evaluate the interior and exterior of the property, taking a multitude of photographs and noting any issues along the way. During the inspection, the client (or a designated representative) will be encouraged to participate in the process by asking questions and discussing any concerns that he or she may have about the property or the inspection process.

     After the inspection is completed, a written report detailing any defects or concerns will be completed and sent to the client, usually via email. The report will include a detailed description of any defects found, an explanation of why the defect is considered a problem, and suggestions regarding how each problem should be addressed, The home inspection report will also provide a detailed reminder of  routine maintenance duties and other important information regarding home ownership and maintenance.

ASHI Standards of Practice and Code of ethics:

     Elite Home Inspections follows the standards of practice and the code of ethics as set forth by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI.) This non-profit, professional association was formed in 1976  " to set and promote standards for property inspections." More information is available at the ASHI website: http://www.homeinspector.org.

     At Elite Home Inspections, we strive to provide invaluable information that can be used by home buyers, home sellers, or real estate agents. Using an honest, objective approach, we will work with you to ensure you are aware of any safety, structural, or mechanical issues that may be present in your home.

     After having a home inspection completed and receiving a detailed report, our clients are assured that Elite Home Inspections will be available as a resource to them for as long as they own their home.